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Cafofo's Footstep Sounds Pack comes with 1,230 high-quality footsteps sounds.

This is simply a must for any developer, bringing professional sounds to basically any game. After all, these are the sounds player will hear the most.

Includes walking and running variations for 10 different surfaces:
Carpet, Concrete, Grass, Gravel, Leaf, Metal, Sand, Snow, Water and Wood

Customized footsteps for Monsters, Robots, Cowboys, and Light/Heavy Armored Characters.

Bonus: 20 assets from our Human Vocal Sounds like jumping, breaths and grunts.

Video Credits:
Ollery D Berg, Among Giants, Vasiliy Dmitriev, and momomo.

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AuthorCafofo Music
Tagsfootstep, footsteps, realistic, run, running, sound-effect, Sound effects, sound-pack, walk, walking


Get this Sound Effect Pack and 33 more for $149.99 USD
View bundle
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On Sale!
50% Off
$14.99 $7.49 USD or more

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Footstep Sounds.zip 72 MB


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hi you can do custom packs ? breath , footsteps , door open etc

Hey, for breaths you can check this one: https://cafofomusic.itch.io/human-vocal-sounds-pro
for door this: https://cafofomusic.itch.io/horror-sounds-pack

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i need only one of each or two , footstep concrete/wood , normal breath and door open

im from brazil , high price


Hello, what license are these sound effects distributed under?

Just bought this pack and I am loving all that it has to offer, great quality and quantity, but I do have one question about it--is the gravel sound effects also doubling for dirt roads/paths?  Or is Dirt a sub category that will be added later?  Merely curious.