Cafofo Music

70 sound effects for Medieval Weapons like Swords, Bows, and Blunt.
High-Quality & Realistic (!?) Zombie Sounds and Blood/Gore Bonus Effects!
615 Magical Spells & Effects. Includes elemental, casting & buffs, positive and negative effects and much more!
High-quality, comprehensive pack with 1,285 craft, nature and RTS game related sounds.
A fun collection of music loops for kids and casual games, featuring tracks inspired from places around the world.
500 High-Quality Guns and Additional Sounds Suitable for Sci-Fi Guns.
900 high-quality sound effects suitable for Horror games.
Realistic set of high quality human vocal sounds containing different expressions and emotions.
Music suitable for Fantasy/RPG/Medieval games. Includes themes, modular action loops, in-game events and much more!
This is a preview of Dynamic Horror Ambience, available at Unity Asset Store and Epic Marketplace
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1,300 high-quality, game-ready sport sounds for the main modalities along with additional sounds.
Diverse compilation of happy and uplifting short musical phrases.
405 high-quality sounds for in-game cinematics, epic trailers and dramatic situations.
This is a preview of Dynamic Village Ambience, available at Unity Asset Store
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838 high-quality, game-ready creatures & monsters sounds.
410 original high-quality domestic animal sounds.
This is a preview of Dynamic Cave Ambience, available at Unity Asset Store
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775 high-quality sounds suitable for games with medieval and dungeon elements.
1,230 high-quality footsteps sounds: 10 different surfaces, monsters, robots, and more!
70 casual music loops, victory and defeat jingles, background ambiences and sound effects.
2,246 realistic military phrases, expressions, and vocal commands. Excellent for action, strategy, simulation, and more!
Cafofo proudly presents 720 high-quality sound effects for Sci-Fi projects.
275 realisic and wide-ranging human vocal sounds like screams, grunts, fear and cold, etc
6 music loops, 105 sound effects, 16 stings and special events and 12 background ambient tracks.
1.072 high-quality sound effects for Medieval Combat, RPG, Fantasy Games, etc
570 high-quality realistic sound effects for Survival, Simulators, Sandbox and similar games.
320 high-quality interface and menu sounds for realistic and casual Fantasy, RPG and Medieval games.
111 music, stings and events, background ambiences soundscapes & sound effects for your spooky projects.
470 polished classic sounds for your games!
200 High Quality Magic Spell Sounds
A collection of 320 high quality sound effects, suitable for casual, mobile games and general use.
120 high-quality sound effects for realistic punches, kicks, arms swings, body falls and magical attacks.